Maui Family Beach Day - Tips and Gear Guide

There are a few things to consider bringing with you to any Maui beach you decide to visit. Having been born and raised on Maui, you would think I have a pretty concrete packing list, but there are still things I forget. Below is a list that will span the needs for a solo day trip to the beach, to a day with the entire family.

  • Sunscreen! ...Big Surprise ;-)  I bring it up first because you need to make sure you are getting the correct sunscreen.1. Buy 'Water Resistant' or 'Waterproof' if you're going in the ocean and reapply after you towel off. 2.Many sunscreens are not 'Reef Safe', which is a major issue for the reef systems, so please purchase bottles that state, 'Reef Safe'. 3. Splurge for a second bottle of 'Baby Sunscreen' if you're visiting with your baby or toddler, in addition to keeping them under a Beach Shade (Rental Link) or Umbrella (Rental Link). Also, if you want to keep the sand off your little one, baby powder is a great way to get the sticky sand off of your baby. 
  • Arrive Early - If you want to get a prime spot on the beach and you're going to a popular beach, its a good idea to arrive before 10am. But i'd suggest to as someone who works at the hotel, as every season and location are different. Another suggestion is to sit close to a lifeguard tower. This will help to keep an extra set of eyes on your family. 
  • Shade - The links directly above will direct you to our rental items available for providing shade. But, as many of you know, there is always a reflective UV factor off the ocean, so shade alone will not always protect you. The safest way to go is shade and sunscreen.
  • Extra bag for trash - Whether you're bringing some sodas, sandwiches or chips, the packaging is ripe to fly into the wind. Best to bring an extra bag to consolidate your waste...and fight the urge to just pin each piece of trash under your beach chair. 
  • Beach Chairs - Towels fold, flip and fly away while your laying on them, but a good Tommy Bahama Beach chair (Rental Link) keeps you comfortable and a bit elevated above the random gusts of sandy wind.
  • Sunglasses - obviously 
  • Rubber slippers / flipflops - Don't be that person who wears their shoes to the beach. Blend in with the locals and buy some "Locals" brand slippers at ABC, Whalers General or Foodland Stores.
  • Cooler - You're going to get hot. So instead of having to jump in the water 30 times during the day, get a Cooler (Rental Link) to keep your drinks, and thus your body, at a comfortable temperature. 
  • Watch your valuables - Even the nicest and safest beaches can fall victim to thievery. Try to keep someone by your valuables when you go for a swim. Don't leave valuables on the beach if you're going snorkeling (I've seen that one end poorly). Cover your valuables whether they are next to you or not. Thieves will scope items and wait for their opportunity. But, if they don't see it in the first place, they will likely pass on to the next. Crime at the beach is a rare occurrence, but it definitely does happen, so don't become someones crime of opportunity. 
  • Activity Gear - Maybe you want something to do other than read your book / kindle. A couple ideas are: 
  • Wagon - If you end up with a bunch of gear to haul to the beach with your family, you may want to have a Wagon (Rental Link) to help with the load. 

Hope these ideas have helped in your planning and enjoy the beach!

Mahalo, Rob