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Things to do on Maui with your Baby, Toddler or Kids

Maui Ocean Center - For babies, kids and adults alike, this is a fun and hands on experience for the entire family. There's an aquarium tunnel that makes you feel like your swimming with the sharks, a touching pool to feel the slimy sea cucumber, and plenty of live displays to see all the sea life that makes Hawaii so unique.   Old Lahaina Luau - With a true sunset background on the shoreline, top dancers in the islands and awesome buffet style Lu'au its hard to beat this feast. Ulalena Evening Show - You may feel your well versed in Broadway shows, but Maui has somehow birthed this amazing show that explores the history and culture of Hawaii in a...

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Tips for a Restful Nights Sleep with your Baby

Looking for some tips on how to get you baby to sleep a little better at night, so you can do a little of the same? I've compiled a few tips I have read and heard about as rental business focusing on the needs of your baby while on vacation.  White Noise - Use a standing fan to create white noise in the room. No need to place the fan in the direction of the baby, but use the humming of the fan to drown out any background noise that might wake your baby. Nap and Bedtime routines - Whether your on vacation or at home, do your best to have a routine for naps and night time sleeping.  Study...

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Lahaina Maui Halloween Kids Parade

Since the 1990s, Lahaina's Halloween Party has been the largest celebration Maui has to offer each year. With 30,000+ vacationers and locals coming together on Halloween evening and night. This year, for 2017, the Keiki (kids) parade beings at 4pm. As someone who was in the parade as one of those keiki for many years, I always remember getting there an hour before had because of the parking and traffic when 30,000 people ascend into the town.  For this free event, spend the money you would have need to spend on some paid event and get a costume. Yes, some people dont dress up, but dont be the odd person out that remains in street clothes. You'll make many more...

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