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Staying safe in Hana, Maui - Tips and Rules

There are plenty of obvious rules about driving, hiking and swimming around Hana, Maui, but as someone born and raised here on Maui, there are few rules for Hana trips that might not be so obvious. These rules will keep you safe from a personal safety standpoint, as well as general embarrassment. I won't sugarcoat too much, so let's get to to the details!   Waterfalls: You can’t enjoy a day in Hana without stopping at a waterfall, as its a main reason anyone makes the journey. You're now thinking I'm going to tell you all about checking the landing zone of where you are about to jump from. Yes, that’s very important as sticks, trees and rocks move into...

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Looking to rent a baby or toddler car seat on Maui? - Advice

If you're visiting Maui and just realized how much it costs to rent a car seat for your infant, toddler or child from a Maui car rental company, this should help. In my own research, I've seen and also heard from clients that they spend almost as much on a car seat through an airport car rental service than the daily car rental price itself. While I don't know the reason for the hefty prices, I can suggest our alternative: Just 3-4 mins from the airport, Maui Vacation Equipment has a locker system, which allows clients the flexibility to pickup their baby car seats (or any other baby rental equipment) with the added flexibility of timing. In this way, you...

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